• We are equipped to carry out most aspects of re-mapping which will enable us to carry out & install new software for Performance tuning, Eco Tuning, Speed limiter removal, EGR & DPF delete . We will can also carry out EGR & DPF Removal itself.

    DPF stands for “Diesel Particulate Filter” This is a filter in the exhaust system on modern diesel engines to clean the gas produced by our engines . Because we drive around at 35mph & only drive a short distance the DPF does not get hot enough to burn off the carbon deposits so it gets blocked up very quickly. Causing the engine to work very hard to push all the gas produced through the exhaust system.

     The ECU in turn will make the vehicle try to regenerate the exhaust DPF by injecting more fuel to try and burn off the carbon deposits. As a result of the ECU telling the engine to regenerate & never finishing the cycle Due to know real heat in the exhaust system and traveling distance in Guernsey limited.

    The oil level keeps rising in the engine due to diesel contamination  in turn the oil to lose its lubricating properties causing damage to the Bearings, Rings, Turbo chargers & other engine components and in some cases total engine failure.